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Autumn, 2004

349. Petergoff - Oranienbaum
348. Petergoff: Alexandira park. Part II
347. Petergoff: Alexandria park. Part I
346. Peter and Paul fortress. Winter Palace
345. Finland: Aviation Museum near Vanta. Part III
344. Finland: Aviation Museum near Vanta. Part II
343. Finland: Aviation Museum near Vanta. Part I
342. Finland: Tampere - bird's eye view. Between Tampere and Helsinki
341. Finland: Tampere - city and museum of steam engines
340. Finland: Raseborg fortress

Summer, 2004

339. White nights: Aleksandro-Nevskaya Lavra
338. White nights: Marsovo field. Along the Neva.
337. White nights: Along the Fontanka river. From Nevsky prospect to the Moyka river
336. Krestovsky island: Stadium "Dynamo" and around, some modern buildings
335. Rosenstaina and Skapina streets. "Litovskiy" (Lithuanian) market and around

Spring, 2004

334. Spring collection: Rumyancev, Troickaya, Dekabristov square, Sosnovo
333. Yusupov Palace interiors. Part IV
332. Yusupov Palace interiors. Part III
331. Yusupov Palace interiors. Part II
330. Yusupov Palace interiors. Part I
329. Ushakov flyover road junction
328. Bazanov's house. Part II
327. Bazanov's house. Part I
326. From Tuchkov bridge to Birzevoy bridge. Views from Makarov's embankment. Tuchkov buyan. Lions.

Winter, 2003-2004

325. Winter collection 2003-2004
324. Dekabristov square: Bronze Horseman, St.Isaac's Cathedral
323. Lesnoy prospect: Up to Academic Lebedev street
322. Lesnoy prospect: Nobel's profitable house
321. Lesnoy prospect: Vyborgskaya metro station, Fire-station, Nobel's houses
320. Lesnoy prospect: Railway bridge, SKA diving pool, Institute of Physical Culture
319. Lesnoy prospect: Bateninskiy residental area
318. Lesnoy prospect: Crossing the Kantemirovskaya street
317. Pavlovsk: Bip fortress
316. Sadovaya street, Griboyedova canal
315. Neva river and winter extreme
314. Other IFMO suburbs
313. IFMO and it's suburbs including Planetarium, Music-hall, Theatre
312. St.Stanislav's church, Pryazka embankment, Angliyskiy prospect
311. Great Choral Synagogue: inside
310. Great Choral Synagogue: outside
309. Ivangorod and Narva: Fortress
308. Ivangorod: "Parusinka" district
307. Kingisepp
306. Return to Koporye fortress
305. Gostilicy
304. The park of  "300-th anniversary of St.Petersburg". January, 1. Morning
303. Peter-and-Paul fortress, new ship-like restaurant, Neva, spit of Vasilyevsky Island, Winter Palace
302. Views from the Gostiny courtyard: Voroncovsky palace, Nevsky prospect

Autumn, 2003

301. Buildings along Bolshaya Nevka embankments
300. Golovin's dacha
299. Abrasive factory "Ilyich"
298. Svetlanovskaya square. Railrod tracks. Serdobolskaya and Beloostrovskaya streets
297. Ivanovskaya street, Sortirovochnaya railway station, Slavi prospect
296. Volodarsky bridge, monument to V.Volodarsky, Nevsky district administration building
295. Pesochnaya and Lazareva embankment, suburbs
294. View of Kamenny and Krestovsky islands from Pesochnaya embankment
293. Konevets island: Kazansky and Konevsky cells, chapel on the Horse-rock, shores
292. Konevets island: Monastery suburbs and Uspenskaya chapel
291. Konevets island: Monastery
290. Konevets island: Arrival
289. Three houses on Bolshaya Zelenina street
288. LDM
287. Valday: Iverskiy monastery. Part II
286. Valday: Iverskiy monastery. Part I
285. Valday: Town
284. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Interiors. Part II
283. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Interiors. Part I
282. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Before and after reconstruction
281. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Around the palace
280. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Park
279. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Suburbs

Summer, 2003

278. Summer collection. Part II: Peter and Paul fortress, Ioann's bridge, Mihaylovsky castle, Mihaylovsky palace
277. Summer collection. Part I: Moyka river, Admiralty embankment, Bronze horseman, former Stock Exchange building
276. Stachek prospekt: From Komsomolskaya square to "Avtovo" metro station
275. Stachek prospekt: Gaza house of culture, Komsomolskaya square, monument to "Heroic Komsomol"
274. Stachek prospekt: from Trefoleva street to metro station "Kirovskiy zavod"
273. Narvskiye gates and monument to L.A.Govorov
272. Universitetskaya embankment
271. Finland: Hameenlinna
270. Finland: "Ancient Helsinki"
269. Finland: New buildings: Part II
268. Finland: New buildings: Part I
267. Vitebsky railway station interiors
266. Vitebsky railway station exteriors
265. Petergoff again
264. Along the Engels' prospect. Part II
263. Along the Engels' prospect. Part I
262. Courtyard of Winter palace
261. Winter palace gates
260. White nights strikes back
259. International festival of sands' sculpture on the beach of Peter and Paul fortress
258. Karelia: Kuznechnoye - Nature, rocks, quarry. Part II
257. Karelia: Kuznechnoye - Nature, rocks, lakes. Part I
256. Karelia: Health resort "Marcialniye Vody" (mineral waters)
255. Karelia: Waterfall "Kivach"
254. Karelia: Petrozavodsk is 300

Spring, 2003

253. Spring collection: Palace square, Kamenny island, centre of the city
252. Atrium of "Nevsky palace" hotel
251. Grand hotel "Europe"
250. Kamennoostrovsky palace
249. "Krasnoye znamya" factory
248. Stroganovskiy palace
247. Restored buildings
246. Saint-Petersburg is 300. Part III: Ships and boats. Closed celebration
245. Saint-Petersburg is 300. Part II: The military bands parade at Nevsky
244. Saint-Petersburg is 300. Part I: The boat race, water celebration, Trinity chapel.
243. Profitable house of N.N.Nikonov
242. Troicky bridge
241. The mosque

Winter, 2002-2003

240. Winter photo collection (center)
239. Rzevka-Porohovie: Alexander's gate, Ilya Prorok church, Zernovka
238. Rzevka-Porohovie: Mill-dam of powder factory, pylon at Kommuni street
237. Zoological museum
236. "Ice palace" - Kinoviyevskoye cemetery - Oktyabrskaya embankment
235. In the museum of Muhina's art school
234. Panteleymonovsky bridge
233. Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo): On the Big pond's ice
232. Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo): In the Catherine's palace. Part II
231. Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo): In the Catherine's palace. Part I
230. On the Neva's ice
229. Winter Vyborg, park Monrepo
228. Icebreaker "Krassin"
227. Leytenanta Shmidta embankment: "Mir" and "Sedov" sailing ships, Mining university
226. Botanical garden
225. Pulkovo observatory. Part II
224. Pulkovo observatory. Part I
223. Volkovskoye cemetery - Literatorskiye mostki

Autumn, 2002

222. Suvorov museum
221. Pavlovsk
220. Summer Garden
219. Ozerki: The nature and people
218. The dam

Summer, 2002

217. Summer photo collection: from the south to the centre
216. Smolny institute and garden around it
215. Finland: Suomenlinna. Part II
214. Finland: Suomenlinna. Part I
213. Finland: Helsinki. Night
212. Finland: Turku archipelago
211. Finland: Fortress in Turku. Part II
210. Finland: Fortress in Turku. Part I
209. Finland: Turku. Part II
208. Finland: Turku. Part I
207. To the south: Korabelka, Alexandrino, the Church, the Meat factory and the bulls, the Fountain
206. The monument to Krylov in the Summer garden
205. Sablino: the Caves and the waterfall
204. Peterhof: The Upper and the Lower parks
203. Peterhof: the Lower park
202. Peterhof: the Peter-and-Paul's cathedral
201. The Polytechnic institute and surroundings
200. The museum of rocket production and cosmonautics
199. Valaam. Nikolsky Skete. The backyards and the nature.
198. Valaam. The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our
Saviour. The shores.

197. Karelia, road to Sortavale 
196. The return of the White nights
195. Kolomyagi, the Udelny park 
194. The Yekateringof bridge, the Mezhevoy channel on Gutuevsky island
193. The Bolsheokhtinsky bridge
192. The Novodevichy monastery, The Kazan church, the Novodevichy cemetery 
191. Russian National Library at Moscovsky prospect
190. The Moscovsky Victory park, the Sports and Concert complex (SCC)

Spring, 2002

189. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Granite terrace, the Kitchen ruins, the Lower and Upper baths 
188. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Orlovsky and Gothic gates, the Girl with the jug, the Concert hall, the Big granite pier
187. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Chinese village
186. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Grande and Small Caprices, the Chapelle, the Squeaking arbor
185. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The bridges and foot-bridges, the Morey column, the little grotto
184. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Chesmen column, The Hall on the island, the Turkish baths, the Pyramid
183. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Grotto and the Hermitage
182. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Cameron gallery, the Ramp
181. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Admiralty
180. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Ekaterina's palace
179. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Alexander's palace, Egypt gates
178. Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo): The Fedorov's town
177. Spring photo collection
176. Repino: Penates
175. Piskarevsky memorial. Part II
174. Piskarevsky memorial. Part I
173. 95, Nevsky prospekt
172. "Oktyabrsky" concert hall
171. Cemeteries on the banks of Smolenka river
170. The Stachek square - The Kirov square. Part II
169. The Stachek square - The Kirov square. Part I
168. Moyka: The New Holland Arc, the Yusupov palace, the Communications house of culture
167. Corner of the Rizhsky and Staro-Peterhofsky prospects, the Repin square surroundings, the Griboedov channel 
166. The Krukov channel from Nikolsky cathedral to the Mariinsky theatre
165. The "Aurora" cruiser

Winter, 2001-2002

164. Marsovo field
163. Inside the Peter-and-Paul's cathedral.
162. Special edition: the Navy day
161. A little from the history of Russia. Part II (from 1700 till 1881). 18, Kutuzov embankment.
160. A little from the history of Russia. Part I (up to 1700). The winter Peterhof
159. Special issue: The Day of the City (299 years)
158. Petrovskaya embankment from Kutuzova embankment.
157. Evening again: Chesmenskaya church, Harbour, Bolsheokhtinsky bridge, historical center.
156. Kamennoostrovsky prospect after metro Petrogradskaya. Part III
155. Kamennoostrovsky prospect from Ushakovsky bridge to metro Petrogradskaya. Part II
154. Kamennoostrovsky prospect from Ushakovsky bridge to metro Petrogradskaya. Part I
153. From Dvortsovaya (Palace) square to Vasilievsky island spit. Evening.
152. Nevsky prospect from Anichkov bridge to Dvortsovaya (Palace) square. Evening.
151. Schlisselburg
150. Koltushi. Pavlov's Physiology institute
149. Anichkov bridge and surroundings. Evening
148. Artillery museum: Soviet period
147. Artillery museum: Pre-revolutionary period

Autumn, 2001

146. Post-Office
145. Priozersk: City and churches
144. Priozersk: Korela fortress
+++ Additions to albums 144, 145
143. On the way to Priozersk: Razdolinskoye lake and Vuoksa
142. Nikolsky Naval Cathedral
141. Staraya Ladoga: Nikolsky Monastery
140. Staraya Ladoga: Fortress
139. Staraya Ladoga: Uspensky Monastery
138. Staraya Ladoga: Road and church of Ioann Predtecha
+++ Additions to albums 138-141
137. Veliky Novgorod: Kremlin
136. Veliky Novgorod: Yaroslav Courtyard, Marketplace
135. Veliky Novgorod: Vitoslavlitsy
134. Veliky Novgorod: Yuriev Monastery
+++ Additions to albums 134-137
133. Vyborg: park Monrepo
+++ Additions to album 133
132. Fireworks in Peterhof

Summer, 2001

131. "Kresti", VMA, "American" bridges, Neva, Vasilievsky island, Misc.
130. Gatchina
+++ Additions to Album 130
129. Vasilievsky island spit: water approach
128. Warshaw station
127. Fire station N9 at Vasilievsky island
126. Park of forestry engineering academy
125. Peterhof - Fountains
124. Peterhof - Lions' Cascade, Bench
123. Peterhof - Grand Cascade - Grottoes
122. Peterhof - Grand Cascade
121. House of Soviets. Moskovskaya square
120. Zelenogorsk
119. Hotel "Pribaltiyskaya". Novosmolenskaya embankment
118. Kronshtadt - Naval Cathedral inside
117. Aircraft show at Levashovo
116. Museum of Muhina's art school
115. White nights - a year later
114. Sergievka
113. Znamenka

Spring, 2001

112. Steam-engine museum in Shushary. Part II.
111. Steam-engine museum in Shushary. Part I.
110. "Easter cake and pascha" church
109. Sverdlovskaya embankment. Bezborodko dacha, lions and sphinxes
108. Sverdlovskaya embankment. Nienshanz and more
107. Utkin dacha and surroundings
106. Koporie fortress
+++ Additions to Album 106
105. Kanonersky island
104. Suvorov museum, roman-catholic church to Mother of God of Lourdes
103. Along Fontanka and Summer garden. "Tsar the carpenter" monument. Gulls
102. Foreign churches of Nevsky prospect: Roman-catholic church, Armenian church, Lutheran church, Swedish church, Dutch church

Winter, 2000-2001

100.Bank bridge and griffins. Neva river, Moyka river
99. Winter Vyborg
98. Gertsen institute from both sides. Kazansky cathedral with railing
97. Around New Holland
96. Crossroads of 8th Sovetskaya, Novgorodskaya and Starorusskaya streets. Georgian church
95. Mytninskaya and 8th Sovetskaya streets
94. Krasnoye village (Red (beautiful) village)
93. Winter Pavlovsk
92. Sampson cathedral, Anna of Kashin church
91. Pargolovo - Shuvalovsky park
90. Shuvalovo - Ozerki
89. Harbor - crown-steeples. Walk on the ice
88. Malaya Sadovaya street, Arts square, Alexandrovsky garden/prospect, Isaac's square, more. Evening
87. Marsovo field - Savior-on-blood cathedral - Konushennaya square. Evening
86. Dvortsovaya (Palace) and Admiralty embankments. Evening
85. Fontanka river and surroundings of Palace square. Evening

Autumn, 2000

84. Special issue: Nature, flowers, insects
83. Kronverkskaya embankment. Evening
82. Oranienbaum in autumn
81. Petrovsky island
80. Krestovsky island. Part II
79. Krestovsky island. Part I
78. Kizhi. Part II
77. Kizhi. Part I
++ Additions to Albums 77-78
76. Petrozavodsk

Summer, 2000

75. Neva river, Vasilievsky island, Peter-and-Paul's fortress, people
74. Oreshek (Schlisselburg) fortress
73. Forests and fields of Peterhof
72. White nights

Spring, 2000

71. Pushkin. Part III
70. Pushkin. Part II
69. Pushkin. Part I
68. Yusupovsky garden (at the Decembrists street)
67. Marsovo field, sunset on Neva
66. Surroundings of metro Chernyshevskaya. Part II
65. Surroundings of metro Chernyshevskaya. Part I

Winter, 2000

64. Petrogradskaya side: Kantemirovsky bridge, TV-tower, Leningrad Electro-technical institute(LETI), Iliin estate
63. Petrogradskaya side: embankment of Karpovka river (from Bolshoy prospect and on)
62. Evening. Smolnaya and Sinopskaya embankments, Bolsheokhtinsky bridge
61. Smolny institute
60. From the Smolny Cathedral height..
59. Smolny cathedral

Autumn, 1999

58. Autumn forest
57. Bird's eye-view of Isaac cathedral surroundings and more
56. Lindulovskaya grove
55. Peter-and-Paul's fortress from the height
54. Mikhailovsky garden

Summer, 1999

53. Monument to Leningrad defenders, Mramorny (Marble) palace, center
52. Savior-on-blood cathedral and surroundings
51. Fontanka river from Anichkov bridge and on
50 .Summer garden. Part II (constructions)
49 .Summer garden. Part I
48. Helsinki - center
47. Helsinki - suburbs
46. Vyborg castle
45. Vyborg
44. Tavrichesky palace. Part II
43. Tavrichesky palace. Part I
42. Peterhof highway: Znamenka, Peterhof and other
41. Peterhof highway: Strelna

Spring, 1999

40. Church of St. Simeon and Anna, Sheremetievsky palace
39. Lopukhinsky Garden
38. Yelagin Island
37. Animals, birds and the city in spring

Winter, 1998-99

36. Special Issue: Forests, Fields, Villages
35. The Palace at Gatchina: Halls, Tower, Underground Passage
34. Mosque, Petrovskaya Embankment, Avrora Cruiser, Lev Tolsoty Square
33. Dvortsovaya Square, part II (New Hermitage, Atlants, Statues, Main Headquaters, Zimnyaya Kanavka)
32. Dvortsovaya Square, part I (Dvortsovaya Square, Zimniy Palace, Alexandrovskaya Column)
++. Additons to 32nd and 33rd albums

Autumn, 1998

31. Kamenny Island
30. Gatchina
29. Peterhof in the Fall

Summer, 1998

28. Oranienbaum (Lomonosov)
27. Malaya Konjushennaya, Griffins on the embankment
26. Back to Peterhof. Fountains
++.Additons to the albums about Peterhof
25. Angliyskaya, Admiralteyskaya and Dvortsovaya Embankments
24. Kronshtadt, Kotlin Island
23. Surroundings of Fontanka River and Obvodny Channel (western side)
++. Additons to 23th album
22. Pavlovsk
21. Alexandro-Nevskaya Lavra. "Kremlin" wall. Fedorovskiy cathedral
++. Additons to 21th album
20. The Day of the City
19. Moskovsky Prospect, Obvodny Channel
18. Riding the Waves
++. Additons to 18th album

Spring, 1998

17. Vasilievsky Island from inside
++. Additons to 17th album
16. Vladimirsky Cathedral, Mikhailovsky Garden, Ice Drifting
++. Additons to 16th album
15. Route E95...
14. Surroundings of Anichkov Palace

Winter, 1998

13. Peterhof (Petrodvorets)
++. Additons to the albums about Peterhof
12. Exhibition at Harbour and more
11. Moscow
10. Peter-Paul Fortress

Autumn, 1997

9. Night. Winter Palace, Dvortsovaya Square, Admiralty,
Russian Museum

8. Special New Year's Issue
7. Bolshoy Prospect of V.I., Lions, Admiralty, Nevsky

6. Vasilievsky Island, Vladimirsky Cathedral, Nikolsky
Cathedral, Griffins

5. Fall exhibition at LenExpo (Harbour)
4. Neva River, St.Isaac's Cathedral, Nevsky Prospect,
Letny Garden, Mikhailovsky garden

3. Fontanka River, Russian Museum, Saviour-on-the-Split-Blood, Dvortsovaya Square, "Strelka" of Vasilievsky Island
2. Mikhalovsky Castle, Lanterens, Fences, Kutuzov
Embankment, Nevka River

1. Nevsky Prospect, Zimniy Palace, Neva River, University
Embankment, Harbour, Finnish Gulf

Color marks: x - translated,  x - suggested for translation (will be translated in near future).



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