Wandering Camera

North Korea (DPRK)


Report about my trip to the North Korea (DPRK) in May 2004.

k1.Pyongyang - Arrival. Hotel. Monument to Soviet soldiers. Views from Moran Hill. Birth place of Kim Il-song.

k2.Pyongyang: Metro

k3.Pyongyang - Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren

k4. North Korea - Pyongyang: The monument to the Korean Workers Party, The monument to Kim Ir Sen, Learning Palace, Arts Theatre, Buddhist temple.

k5. Pyongyang: Chuche monument. City from "birds point of view". Money.

k6. Pyongyang: Streets, shops, traditions, life

k7. Pyongyang: Parks, streets, food, perestroyka

k8. North Korea - Nature, The Friendship Exhibit in Myohyang

k9. Province and villages. Part I

k10. Province and village. Part II

k11. Nampo - the dam

k12. Historical buildings (sightseeings)

k13. Keson, 38-th parallel. Border

Some photos also by Aleksey Novikovsky. Thanks to him!

Extras: scanned photoalbum "Pyongyang - the City of Parks"

Albums marked with  color  are translated into English. Non-marked albums are not translated yet.


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