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North Korea (DPRK) - Pyongyang: Chuche monument. City from "birds point of view". Money.
(Translated by Natalia)


Todays the last album, dedicated to monuments and palaces.


The Chouchkhe Ideas Monument.

The second monument by its value in the country (after the Kim Ihr Sen statue that youve seen before).
Built in 1982, situated at the Taedon river shore.

Chouchkhe is a state ideology of Northern Korea.

By its meaning it should be understood as: The person is the owner of all and defines all ". Another meaning is also heard often: " Support on own forces ".

The last one is more modern treatment.

The sculpture near the monument symbolizes the worker, the farmer and the intellectual.
Inside the foundation therere marble slabs from different friendly organizations of many countries of the world.
Everyones understood everything, I guess :)
Theres a huge square around the monument. Therere also lots of sculpture compositions: Independent industry, The rich harvest, The country of studying, Long-lasting Original arts and the Iron fortress.

The height of a tower together with the metallic torch on the top 170 m.

Right under the torch theres a big viewing platform, where well raise now (theres a lift inside the tower).

In one direction, from the tower theres a view of Kim Ihr Sen square in front of the Palace of Studying. Its often shown in TV news about Northern Korea.

The ice skating rink is seen behind (in a shape of light cone).

Ill tell a bit about money.

Therere wons and chons.

Chon is a small coin (although chon means thousand in Korean). As I know, theyre not in use now.
The 1 won coin (at the left) are in use not often.

In official rate 1 euro = 160 wons
At the black market 1 euro = 1200 wons

The last is the unchecked information and I didnt really understand what the Rate in the black market " means. Any Korean can go to the currency shop and buy anything in a legal way to wons or euro in official rate (I havent seen any kind of control at the entrance).

As I know, there were some local money before (wons for foreigners). But Ive never seen them.

This is 50 wons at the picture.

On the one side theres a monument to Chouchkhe Ideas, on the other side a Pektou mountain, I think.

It is forbidden to take away the local money abroad (especially if they have a portrait of the leader) and the foreigners must not buy anything by them inside the country. But really its not necessary, because they take euro and dollars everywhere. Im not sure if I could buy an ice-cream for euro, I didnt do it (cause girls did it for us :).

The only problem theres often no delivery from big banknotes ($50-100). So, if youll go there, I recommend to change more small banknotes. And better to take euro. They accept dollars, but reluctantly (with the advent of euro they gradually leave from dollar currency - a policy)

Also they take yens and yuans (once they gave the delivery by yens to Alexey, to his agreement).

In the other direction theres a view to a river and our hotel.
And this is the Stadium of May 1st, which I mentioned before.

A TV tower is seen in the distance.

I cant remember, if I told or not, that the river is fine enough and the bridges are not leaf ships wont pass there anyway.

Inhabited quarters

Have to notice that therere no vagrant dogs, cats or vagabonds in the city. Sometimes therere dogs on the leads and with their owners. But not often.

The fountains in the square near monument.
Thats how it looks in the evening from 39th floor of our hotel.
and in the night.



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