Wandering Camera

Album 387
(Translated b
y Ilia Leikin)


For the third time, after a long break, We are returning to the Summer Garden.
And again during the best time to appreciate its beauty - in autumn.


View from the Neva river (from Troitsky Bridge).

On the right - Verkhne-Lebyazhy (Upper Swan) Bridge across Lebyazhya Kanavka (Swan canal).

One of the sources says that the bridge used to be called "Lebediny" - a different spelling, also derived from the word "swan".

On the other side of the famous grille designed by Yu.M. Felten in 1770-1784.

A piece of Summer Palace.

In the background - a building from 1930s (E.A. Levinson, I.I. Fomin) and the TV tower.

On the right - Prachechny (Laundry) Bridge across Fontanka river.

This bridge, as well as Verkhne-Lebyazhy, is of a peculiar, highly convex shape. When driving over the bridge, motorists experience a brief moment of weightlessness :)
This is understandable - the bridges were meant for the modest speeds of horse-drawn transport.
Nothing can be done about it now - it would not be possible to remove these historical landmarks with such a characteristically St. Petersburg silhouette.

I remember another such curvature - on the dam leading to Kronstadt.

Summer Garden along Fontanka
Tea House
Monument to I.A. Krylov
Of the 250 sculptures once standing in the Summer Garden, presently around 90 remain.
Coffee House
The present arrangement of sculptures is according to the XIXth century model.

Nemesis - daughter of Nyx (Night), the goddess of retribution, who gives people what they deserved, either punishment or good fortune.

Sculptor A. Tarsia, 1717.

Summer Palace

Dvortsovaya Alleya (Palace alley)

Behind the grille, on the other side of Neva - palace of the Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich (later, Civil registry. Now, it houses the office of the presidential plenipotentiary envoy for the Northwestern Federal District).
Hozyaystvennaya (Household) alley (?)
Main alley

Lebyazhya Kanavka


Verkhne-Lebyazhy Bridge visible in the background
Alley of the Old Limes (Lebyazhya alley)
Another artist
Painting Karpiev pond and Mikhailovsky Castle..
.. from life.

Lastly, I would like to remind that there are four new albums in the "Aviation" section, dedicated to the museum of military aviation in Monino (near Moscow).
By the way, it is surprising how, in a very systematic way, small aerodromes around St. Petersburg, that were home to light aircraft flying clubs, are being shut down. In a short period of time, most of them have disappeared. After the closure of another aerodrome, I even took the time to write here. The result was predictable, of course :)


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