Wandering Camera

Album 382
(Translated by Natalia)


This night walk is the first field check of Nikon D50, then still with a whale objective (AF-S DX 18-55mm/f3.5-5.6). Have to say, that the main problem during night shooting was the clapping mirror a characteristic feature of all mirror cameras. And, in D50 it is impossible to lift it preliminary - it always claps, when you press the button. As a result, the image comes smeared sometimes, even at shooting from a support. Running forward, I shall say, that use of an objective with VR partially removes a problem.


Ushakov bridge over Bolshaya Nevka (the Ushakov flyover junction is seen at the background).
The courtyard (with big endurance)
Aquatoria business-centre near the Kantemirovsky bridge.

On the other shore of Bolshaya Nevka - some more buildings, reconstructed from factories and scientific research institutes into business-centres (as well as Aquatoria) Weve walked here once, in album 301, but it was day and winter.


At the foreground the buildings of Krasnogvardeets factory" (medical equipment).

They build something even at night.
Vyborgskaya embankment
Probably, The "Red thread" factory
Pirogovskaya embankment (next to Vyborgskaya)

" The Peter fort " is second turn of hotel " Leningrad " (now Saint-Petersburg), built not long ago. The expensive business-centre will be there.

The Sampsonievsky bridge at the right

The same bridge, with a tow in the foreground.

St.Isaac cathedral.

Mariinsky palace (the municipal duma sits there now).

The Blue bridge.
A monument to Nikolay I
St.Isaac cathedral and Astoria hotel.

Moyka river.

The dome of the Kazan cathedral is seen in the distance.

Neva river.

Troitsky bridge.


Considerably above on current of Neva - the Finlandsky railway bridge.

Almost nobody can recognise it at these photos. I guess, its because of not much of people want to take a walk in this place, and especially at night.

Usually they confuse it with Bolsheokhtinsky bridge.

At this place the trees are growinf at the shore, so it looks like view from a forest.



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