Wandering Camera

Album 381
(Translated by Grif)


This spring-summer brought only two albums about St.Pete.
I traveled in Russia and Europe (Norway-Sweden countryside), and there were plenty of photos from there. But I have no idea when will I get the time to prepare and to upload all of that. :)


Palace Square.

As soon as snow melted away, bikers poped-up.

Same thing with girls


Potseluev Bridge.

(Behind the bridge to the right: New Holland).

Yusupov Palace is near by.

Further down is Pochtamtsky (Post-office) bridge.

Former names: Little Chain-bridge, Prachechnyj, Postal.

Size is 34 by 2.2 meters.

Designed in 1823-24 by engineer V.K. Treter. In 1901 cast-iron railings were replaced with modern-style metal "fence". After 1905 the bridge wasn't suspension bridge anymore: they have built the wooden supports. In 1956 the original cast-iron railings were restored. In 1982-83 after the extensive repairs the bridge had become suspension again.

I was told that in 2001-2002 bridge was sitting on temporary (metal) supports. Since 2003 it's suspension bridge all right.

Speed-boat racing on the Neva.

Just the weather wasn't too good.

Inner yard in the Ligovsky Prospekt area.

They started to build highrises behind the hotel "St. Petersburg" (near cruiser "Aurora", in historical city center).

The one on the left is called "Aurora". To the right is another one under construction: "Mont Blanc".

Some mass media grumbled, as usual, but it hadn't affected the construction whatsoever.

In Summer Garden.

Streetlight on Panteleymonovsky Bridge.

The namesake church is just behind it.

Mikhailovsky Castle.

The Transfiguration of Our Savior Cathedral.

Pestelya Street, near Liteyni Prospekt.



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