Wandering Camera

Album 378
(Translated by Natalia)


And now were finishing our walk through New Holland.


There was a fire inside this building.

It has happened casually, at 23th of December, 2004, six days before the island has changed its owners (its gone from militarians to the city administration). Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov has handed over a symbolical key to the governor of St.-Petersburg Valentina Matvienko

As usual, people started to joke:


1. To award Minister of Defence Ivanov with a medal " For clearing of Holland "
2. To award governor Matvienko with a medal " For a capture of Holland "



As a result of fire, the roof and the floors had burned and fell down on an area about 500 square meters.

The same burned building.

Nobody closed the roof, so the snow has got inside the pictures look a bit romantically because of it.

The Arch of New Holland, which Ive noticed in album # 168.

The arch is thrown through the Southern channel, its height is 23,5 meters and width is more than 8 meters.

The arch built in 1779-1787 by project of S.Chevakinsky and J.B.Vallen-Delamoth.

The poet Vsevolod Rozhdestvensky wrote:

Theres an arch just like never before
It doesnt lead anywhere
Delamoth has raised it
Above a dark somnolence of channel
These arches are gloomy
And stone is grey of its age
And heavy oars of galleys
Not foaming the water beyond...

Under the Arch, where the Southern channel runs into the Moyka river, the fisherman is sitting. The man does his job (fishing) and enjoying the view :) Although the New Holland has always been a closed, protected object, nothing has really prevented anyone, who wanted, to swim inside or to enter (in winter). They were beaten to the head, but whom it ever stopped in our country?

A pass through the building.

Look at the variety of designs of the arches and floors. Somewhere, inside the warehouses, some beams of Elyzabeth timed still left.

The view from island to the Moyka river side.
Warehouses at the Moyka river side..
This pass (the same as couple of pictures above, but from the other side) made at soviet times.
Somewhere here we have come across the local commandant at last. He asked, what are we doing here. But the man wasnt really angry. On the contrary he has lead us to prison, being fullfilled with memories how good it was here at Elizabeth and Ekaterina times and how all become later (he stated intelligibly, but partially with obscene abuse) :)
The symbol of Navy fleet at the gates.

The building of sea prison (it also called Round prison and The prisoner tower) that can contain 500 prisoners.

Built by project of architect A.Shtawberg in 1828. .

The portal, where once was a travel arch, is visible from here.


The smithy.

The smithy and the warehouse buildings have been constructed near to prison by engineer M.Pasypkin in 1847-1850 by project of 1765.

The garages. Probably, theyve been built after revolution.

The Commandant house at the background

The internal court yard of Sea prison.
By the way, the people called this prison A Bottle. Maybe, the the proverb to try to get inside the bottle has come from here.
There also must be a Commandant house near the prison

And finally were leaving the island by the 2nd Krushtein bridge.

The Commandant house is at the left.

At the right the pear tree grows. The commandant told us, that when he was a kid, he shaked this tree by impact of a lorry... and then gathered the fallen down fruits :-)

A picture from the other shore. At the left the same Commandant house

Therere garages in the center, attached to a fence of Elyzabeth times.



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