Wandering Camera

Album 377
(Translated by Natalia)


Were keep on walking at the New Holland.


Theres a three-floors building at the left of the picture. In 1915 the most powerful spark radio station of the sea Joint Staff in Russia has been mounted here. In november 1917 the bolsheviks waged information war with general Krasnov, transferred decrees, telegrams and appeals.

At 9th of november, 1917 V.I.Lenin transferred the reference to soldiers and sailors from here.

Radio station was closed in 1924.

The inner pool and Eastern channel (connecting pool with Krukov channel)
The Eastern channel embankment and Krukov channel at the background.
The pass between two buildings of warehouses.
I sit at a lattice, in a dungeon crude:-)
Descent and rise is forbidden
Possibly, the movement to left or right is permitted? :)

Its needed to say couple of words about New Hollands future.

The great reconsturction is planned here. The "Open Company ST New Holland " has been chosen to reorganisate the island. The project of reconstruction has been made by Norman Foster.

There were ideas to make a museum from island, but they had no chanse. Nobody wanted to give money.

After reconstruction, the offices, shops and hotels will be placed in warehouse buildings. Maybe also there will be the elite habitants.

In the center, instead of inner pool, the covered amphitheater of 3500 seats will be constructed.

In the Round prison building the chamber hall of 400 seats and a museum will be placed.

The new building will appear at Krukov channel side.

And there will be eight bridges.

The buildings that are "not representing to a historical value" will be destroyed. According to a plan of reconstruction, that would almost ALL buildings, except three warehouses, prison and smithy. There are many historically significant buildings of XIX and XX centuries will be destructed anyway.

The ground area and construcrions are supposed to be given to investor for rent to 99 years, and the new buildings - - into the property.

Its quite difficult to get an information about it. The public is not delighted of those plans, so the most disputable decisions are still exist as rumours. Probably, they will simply put us before the fact.

As to re-planning of warehouses, something to do it is possible, something is impossible I dont know exactly.
Couple of views from the warehouse window. Inside and outside the corner of Krukov channel and Moyka river is seen.



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