Wandering Camera

Album 362
(Translated by Grif)


This is the last of three albums with interiors of Russian Museum.


Briulov Hall

On the wall to your left is the "Mednyj Zmij" ("The Brazen Serpent") by F.A. Bruni.



"The Last Day of Pompeii" (1833) by K. Briulov.

In front of it is "Venus" by I. Vitali (1852)


"Hall of Russian middle-XIX century Art" (a.k.a. "Academic Hall #15").

Interiors were designed by A. Loganovsky, N. Pimenov, and V. Polenov.

The first picture to the right is famous "The Ninth Wave"(1850) by I.K. Aivazovsky.


The tomb sculpture for Princess E. Kurakina.

Author: I.P. Martos

Interiors are from the first quarter of nineteenth century.

The quotation from a museum's website:

"The White Room showcases a perfect harmony and symmetry of all elements. It is positioned in the center of the second-floor enfilade, and demonstrates unique interiors of St. Petersburg's palace of the first quarter of nineteenth century. In spite of some detrimental changes caused by remodeling of palace during its conversion to a museum, this room still enjoys original paintings and sculptural decor, as well as period furniture designed by Carlo Rossi himself. Many masterpieces of decorative arts are also here. Very remarkably, the artistic excellence of White Room was so highly praised by the contemporaries, that the model of the White Room (1/8 scale) was given as a present to King George IV of England."


Sculpture "Catherine II the Lawmaker" by Fedor Shubin.

"Prometheus" (1769).

Sculptor F.G. Gordeev.

Russian Orthodox Icons Room. A tour of Russian Museum usually starts here.

So called 'Zhirandol' (candelabrum).

Middle XVIII century. Crystal, bronze.

Well, this is the end for our first walking tour to Russian Museum.


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