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Album 361
(Translated by Grif)


We continue our walk through the Russian Museum.


It happens quite often while photographing a large place like a palace: you just can't recall which room is which. Especially if you don't have a guidebook, as I did.

That's why I hope you can help me to recollect those names.

Room with few famous paintings by Vasily Surikov (1848-1916). On opposite wall is "Vzyatie snezhnogo gorodka" ("Storm of Snow Fortress").
Another epic painting of his: "Pokorenie Ermakom Sibiri" ("Conquest of Siberia by Yermak")

Acclaimed painting by I.E. Repin "Ceremonial session of the State Council on May 7, 1901". He worked on it for 2.5 years, completing in 1903.

Hall surrounding gives you a feeling of how huge this painting is. It's almost 9 meters long!

Before 1917 revolution it was displayed in Mariinsky Palace.

I got excited not much by the painting itself ("Quiet" by N. Dubovskoy, 1890), but by title's verbose translation to English :)
Scene from an old Russian tale "How Mice Buried the Cat".

Landscape with the Swan's Canal.

Summer Gardens is on the left, Mikhailovsky Castle is directly ahead.


Scale model of the monument to Tsar Nikolas I on St. Isaac' square.

The caption says:

"To Nikolas, Emperor of Whole Russia, 1859".

The vase from the early 1830s.

Made by the Emperor's Porcelain Factory.

And now we can proceed to the final album about the Russian Museum.



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