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A Day in the Life of the City – January 2008. Kronshatd, Bychye Pole /Bull Field/ airfield
(Translated by Miroslava Petrova)


Three years has passed (see the 2004 album) since the flights to and from Kronstadt Bychye Pole airfield were stopped.
And, surprise; only recently, have they been renewed. Owing to this, you can see a few “fresh” pictures from there.

The command post

Yours truly getting into a Piper Cherokee (although this is a three-seat aircraft, there is only one door :)

The runway (500 by 30 m)



A bird’s plane’s eye view. The Naval cathedral of Saint Nicholas.

Levee (the North-Eastern part – from Kronstadt to Gorskaya – has finally been finished)

The Metropolitan builders are digging a tunnel in its Southern part.

The sunset.
The days are really short – after 4 p.m. it’s practically dark.

Fort Obruchev. A good landmark.

The runway

Getting ready to land…

In the club

A reminder of the New Year celebrations…

Instead of clocks :-)

A Dolphin-3 “freezing” outside

And this is a new two-seat Dolphin – they are planning to finish it by the beginning of spring

Our team

Just a quick reminder the there is a separate page dedicated to aviation.
The Kronstadt Aviation Club -  http://vkontakte.ru/club1012881


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