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Guest album: Natalya Burtovaya. Kirov city
(Translated by Natalia)


Kirov (Vyatka) is a big city, situated about 900 km far from Moscow (to the north-east). The one of the oldest cities at the north-east part of Russia. It was first mentioned in history at 1374 (and the very first settlements at Vyatka river are known since 1174). The city has changed its name to Khlynov in 1457, and again to Vyatka in 1780. In 1934, after the death of well-known revolutionary figure S.M.Kirov, Vyatka has got its name. But the inhabitants prefer name Vyatka and theres still a question if it would be officially renamed. The city is famous by Dymkovo clay toys; also the writer A.Grin and painters Vasnetsovs were born here. Kirov is a very cosy and calm city, with lots of trees and parks, and the tempo of life feels like relaxing, especially after Moscow... ...Theres something peaceful, patriarchal in all of its [city], physiognomy, something calming in silence which reigns inside it... (M.E.Saltykov-Schedrin, russian writer).


The pond near the Vyatka Hotel (the bottom pond of the cascade near Diopama)
The ensemble of Trifonov men monastery, XVI-XVIII centuries.
The Diopama building. Theres a painting inside, under the name " The Establishment of the Soviet authority in a Kirov ". Its length is 35 m and height is 8 m. The painters are A.Intezarov and N.Solomin. The building is also being used as the exhibition hall.
The saint spring at Trifonov monastery
The Rotunda in Alexandrovsky garden (build by project of A.Vitberg). Actually, therere two rotundas in the park, but the first one is standing on the shore above the Vyatka river and its image is duplicated for many times. At this one is hidden in the depths of avenues and not so famous. Although it looks more interesting.
Preobrazhenskiy monastery - the Preobrazhenskiy temple. The building stood destroyed for years, but one fine day I arrived and realised, that the church has been repaired. The temple is mow towers on Grin embankment (near Alexandrovsky garden) and supplements the landscape with itself.
Vyatka river the view from Alexandrovsky garden embankment. At the other shore, at the left the large village Dymkovo, native land of Dymkovo toys.
Open space...
The samples of new buildings of city centre. Its not allowed to build high buildings in historical quarters. The authorities of Kirov try to keep an image of Old Vyatka as much as possible (therere still competent heads in Russia!)
Charles Marx's street - one of "axial" highways, that leads through all the city from the north on the south.
The beginning of Moskovskaya street. The TV-tower is seen in the distance it stands on the highest hill of the city. (People say that Vyatka as well as Moscow stands on seven hills I dont know if its right we didnt count the hills! :).
The unfinished dome of Spasskiy cathedral (the temple began being repaired in 2005). At the left the domes of Trifonov monastery and the Vyatka river behind them.
Interior of Russia restaurant (in the Central hotel building).
The crossroad of Drelevskogo (Spasskaya) street and the Lenin street. On the contrary, across the road a building with balcony - Kardakov shop, built in 1879 and the property of Vyatka merchant I.Kardakov (until 1918). A semicircular building at the right - The Theatre on Spasskaya.
Vyatka School of arts. The former building of P.Kablukov shop, 1909. Architector A.Charushin.
...Lets take a look at Trifonov monastery onse again.
The bottom pond near Diopama.
Pond near Diopama and the bridge fence (therere lots of of fencings of such configuration in the city obviously, a hint of the unity of style! :)


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