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English-language links
(also check out Russian-language links)


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Petersburg - About St.Petersburg history, politic, economic etc. With links to other related articles.
http://cityvision2000.com/spb-bw/ - "Black and White St.Petersburg" - photos
http://www.hermitage.ru - Hermitage (Winter palace and some more palaces and buildings)
http://eng.gov.spb.ru/ - Official site of St.Peterburg's government
http://www.spb.ru - Another official site of St.Peterburg's government
http://www.yell.ru/ - Map of St.Petersburg and Yellow Pages
http://www.museum.navy.ru - Central naval museum (inside Stock building on Spit of Vasilyevsky island)
http://www.pavlovskart.spb.ru - State Museum-Reserve Pavlovsk
http://www.tzar.ru - Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo)
http://www.lavra.spb.ru - Alexander Nevsky Lavra
http://www.yaros.nm.ru/ - "Yaros" - photos of St.Petersbug
http://www.peterhof.org - Petergoff - some info and video/pictures.
http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/empire/object.html - Color pictures of Russian Empire in 1905-1911 (no St.Peterburg photos)
http://www.aurora.org.ru - Cruiser "Aurora"
http://www.gao.spb.ru - Pulkovo Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences
http://www.pushkin-town.net - Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo)
http://www.strelna.ru - Strelna, Konstantinovskiy Palace. History, information, photos.
http://www.eng.abdn.ac.uk/~eng580/RM/ - Russian museum
http://www.nevsky-prospekt.com/home.html - Nevsky prospekt. All the buildings with its descriptions.



http://www.novgorod-museum.ru - Novgorod State United Museum (maps, history, photos)
http://it.stlawu.edu/~rkreuzer/peter.htm - Some information about St.Petersburg + huge links collection
http://www.alexanderpalace.org - Photo of St.Petersburg and suburbs + some history
http://petersburgcity.com/map/ - Map of St.Petersburg
http://petersburgcity.com/map/metro/  - Map of St.Petersburg subway (metro).
http://www.photo-document.com -Some photos of St.Petersburg
http://www.xenophongi.org/xenindex.htm - Photos of Russia and St.Petersburg, some museums.

Travel agencies, hotels etc.

http://www.saint-petersburg.com - About St.Petersburg history, architecture, sightseeings, transport, hotels etc..
http://travel.in-russia.com - Travel to Russia - American managed Russian travel agency offers sightseeing and adventure tours to Russia
http://cityvision2000.com/ - St.Petersburg at your fingerprints (brief history, sightseeings, museums, hotels, tickets, some photos)
http://www.grandhoteleurope.com - Grand Hotel "Europe"
http://www.infoservices.com - Info for travellers, St.Petersburg maps



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