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What about high resolution originals (print quality)?

Please write me email. And you should know how quality of originals depends on album number:

About high resolution originals (offline):

Till album 72 - low quality (640x480, jpeg)

Since album 72 - 1600x1200 jpeg (Nikon Coolpix 950) - about 300dpi for print size 10x15sm.

Since album 204 - 2560x1920 jpeg (Nikon Coolpix 5700) - about 300dpi for print size 20x30sm.

Since album 382 - 3008x2000 jpeg (Nikon D50) - more than 300 dpi for print size 20x30sm

Samples to check the quality of originals:

3008x2000: http://www.enlight.ru/camera/big/dsc_5012_.jpg (Nikon D50)
2560x1920: http://www.enlight.ru/camera/big/dscn1919_.jpg (Nikon 5700)
1600x1200: http://www.enlight.ru/camera/big/dscn4012_.jpg (Nikon 950)

For more information email me. 



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