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y Andrei Frizyuk)


The principal object of the Soviet construction industry was to provide population with dwelling and industry with buildings. Limited resources (due to the enormous military expenditure and poor quality of administration) and the quick pace of construction were hard to combine with true artistry. Still, there were some interesting designs, even where similiar/uniform buildings were concerned.

Although the projects were actually designed by architectural institutes, only the chief architects are mentioned in the articles below.


Maritime Station

Pay attention to the windows: they stand for wind-blown sails. The 78-meter steeple is crowned with a ship effigy.

The ship-like building was constructed in 1977-82 to a design by Vitaliy A. Sokhin.

Address: Morskaya Slava Sq.
Nearest metro station: Primorskaya

Location:  На карте

Leningrad (St.Petersburg) Hotel

The building, based on a design by Sergei B. Speransky, was constructed in 1970 to the left of the cruiser Aurora. Originally conceived as the Hotel Aurora, it had been named Hotel Leningrad until 1991 when it was renamed to Hotel St.Petersburg.

Address: Pirogovskaya Embankment, 5/2
Nearest metro stations: Ploschad Lenina, Gorkovskaya

Location: На карте

Moskva Hotel

It was built in 1967-77 to a design by David S. Goldhor

Address: Alexander Nevsky Sq., 2
Nearest metro station: Ploschad Alexandra Nevskogo
Website: www.hotel-moscow.ru

Location:: На карте

Finland railway station

It was built in 1960 to a design by Nikolai V. Baranov

Address: Komsmola St., 5
Nearest metro station: Ploschad Lenina

Location:: На карте

The administration of the Leningrad region

It was built in 1981 to a design by D.S.Goldhor, K.N.Emelyanov, and Y.V.Sitnikov

Address: Suvorovsky Avenue, 67
Nearest metro stations: Tchernyshevskaya, Novocherkasskaya
Website: www.lenobl.ru

Location:: На карте

The Central Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernatics

The 70-meter tower contains an experimental station, with an aerial added somewhat later. The complex was constructed in 1973-1986.

Address: Tikhoretsky Avenue, 21
Nearest metro station: Politekhnicheskaya

Location: На карте

The Lenin Complex of Music and Sports ("SKK")

It seats 25,000 spectators. 56 steel columns hold the overhead cover measuring 160 meters in diameter. 40 meters higher is a diaphragm of steel petals: its total weight is 8,000 tones.

The complex was built in 1980 to a design by N.V.Baranov, I.Tchaiko, and F.N.Yakovlev.

Address: Gagarin Avenue, 8
Nearest metro station: Park Pobedy

Location: На карте

Pribaltiyskaya Hotel

It was built in 1969-78 to a design by N.N.Baranov, S.I.Evdokimov, V.I.Kovaleva, and P.F.Panfilov. The complex contains 1,200 guest rooms. The walls are lined with aluminium plates.

Address: Korablestroiteley St., 14
Nearest metro station: Primorskaya
Website: www.pribaltiyskaya.ru

Location: На карте

Great Concert Hall "Oktyabrskiy" ("BKZ")

The Octiabrsky Concert Hall with 4,000 seats was built in 1967 to a design by V.A.Kamensky, Zh.M.Verzhbitsky, and A.V.Zhuk

Address: Ligovskiy Avenue, 6
Nearest metro station: Ploschad Vosstaniya

Location: На карте

Yubileinyi Sports Complex

It was built in 1967 to a design by A.P.Morozov and G.P.Morozov. The main hall accomodates up to 10,000 persons. Both sport events and pop concerts are held there.

Address: Dobrolyubov St., 18
Nearest metro station: Sportivnaya

Location: На карте

Branch office of the Russian National Library

The building was constructed throughout 1980s and 1990s for the Saltykov-Schedrin Public Library (subsequently renamed). The architects were V.Scherbin, L.Varshavskaya, and L.Kiselhof ("Lenproekt")..

Address: Moskovsky Avenue, 165/2
Nearest metro station: Park Pobedy
Website: www.nlr.ru

Location: На карте





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