Wandering Camera

Album 401 - White Nights 2007
(Translated b
y Miroslava Petrova)


Like every year, this year the Wandering Camera also offers the traditional albums dedicated to the white nights. Let’s start with Bolshaia Nevka (a.k.a. Big Neva).


Sampsonievsky bridge…  
…and Petrogradskaya Naberezhnaya
You can see the Aurora cruiser in the distance together with the Liteiny Bridge crossing the Neva river.
The Aurora cruiser

… a close-up of Aurora.

Now, let’s cross the river and go to the other side.

Mikhailovsky Palace.

It is quite impossible to take a picture from this perspective, because there are trees on the left and on the right and in front of the castle is the monument to Peter I.  

But if you fisheye them and then rotate…


More traditional views…
A sunny day or a white night?
The second Engineer Bridge (over the restored canal in front of the castle)
The other bank of the Fontanka – the house of the Minister of Religious Affairs and People’s Education (20 Naberezhnaya Fontanki). The house was built between 1787 and 1790.

The gate.

Left – 22 Naberezhnaya Fontanki. Art school 190.

Right of the arch - 24 Naberezhnaya Fontanki. Dohodniy dom N.I. Yaffa.

Renovated in 1881-1882.


People use all kinds of boats to have midnight cruises along the river.

Levashov’s Mansion. The end of the 18th century.  

From 1884 to 1890 here lived Peter Francevich  Lesgaft – a teacher, anatomist and doctor. P.F. Lesgaft Institute of Physical Culture in St. Petersburg is named after him.


Arts square

The Russian museum (Mihaylovsky Palace)

We are still there…  
Palace Bridge
Rostralnaya Column and the Exchange Bridge
The Kunstkamera Tower and the Palace Bridge railing

Palace square

The Guard Corps building (1840 – 1848, designed by A.P. Brullov).

On some maps it is marked as the GUVD Polyclinic
The Winter Palace
Construction work in preparation of the celebrations for those leaving school entitled Crimson Sails.
The stage under construction



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