Wandering Camera

Album 398
(Translated b
y Ilia Leikin)


Not far from fort Ino there are some interesting soviet era hydrodynamic research installations.


The first one is a giant concrete pool with channels and structures.

This is a hydrodynamic laboratory for running trials of submarines (mock-up models) for the 26th research institute of military shipbuilding of the Navy.

The complex was built in 1970s.

Now everything is completely abandoned.

Apart from the pool itself, there are sluices, wave generators, warehouses and many other things.


Pussy-willow catkins are opening.

Another, less ruinous installation - a covered pool of considerable length - about 100m, and about 5m deep.
Apparently, some time ago attempts have been made to use, or at least preserve the building. Then they gave up.
Alexei standing in the distance gives some idea about the dimensions.
Looks like prison cells..
Some objects, like the window or the switches, can be put in a frame and presented at an art exhibition :-)
Somebody has probably tried, unsuccessfully, to climb the ladder - and broke the rungs and the concrete slab underneath ;)
Now let's take a drive towards Peski village.

In front of us is the range-finding facility of fort Ino (see previous album) on the Kangasmyaki hill.

On the top there used to be a rotating dome with optical instruments. From here was carried out the assessment of coordinates of targets on the Gulf of Finland. The data was passed to fort Ino by telephone.
Unlike the fort itself, this facility was not demolished, and is still relatively well preserved. Only the dome is missing.

In 1918, this place was suddenly shelled from fort Krasnaya Gorka (on the other side of Gulf of Finland). Obviously, with the purpose of destroying it lest it fall in the hands of Finns and Germans. However, the building suffered little damage.

During World War II the building housed headquarters and field hospital.
And finally, the last object for today - a ruin in the forest, on the shore of Gulf of Finland. It could pass for remains of an ordinary house, if not a couple of details..

A strangely shaped opening (a robot walked through the wall :-)

And inscriptions scratched on the wall, dating back to 1958 (unless the are fake).

Here we end our walk through abandoned forts and laboratories. Google still has these places in a very low resolution.:

I would like to thank Alexei Belyakov (srpspb) for company and transport.


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