Wandering Camera

Album 384
(Translated b
y Irina Novikova)


In the previous album we looked over the facade of the mansion from the Angliskaya naberezhnaya (river-front) and the interiors. In this album we will admire the views from the windows and the courtyard downstairs.


A window with a romantic crack ;)

Lets take a look to the left

This is the end of Angliskaya naberezhnaya. Beyond a tree at the end of the street is Admiralteiskie verphi (Admiral Shipyard).

and now lets take a look to the right :)

The temporary replacement for the Lieutenant Shmidt Bridge has already been built. The reconstruction of the bridge itself is also in progress.

One of the pier sections has been reconstructed already.

On the opposite side of the Neva River is the sailing-ship Mir (Peace).

However, lets return to the mansion.

In fact, lets take the back stairway down to the courtyard.

These and the following structures are called courtyard wings.

The walls of the corridor between two courtyards are covered with ceramic tile.

The view of the building from the courtyard is a lot alike to the facade on the street (masks, fruits, arches and so on), but the yellow color and surrounding buildings make it look quite different altogether.
From the second courtyard one can walk out onto the Galernaya Street, which runs parallel to the Angliskaya naberezhnaya.
The metal gates are also old.
We are now on Galernaya Street.
To the right of the arc is a different building with a plaque.

The plaque states:

In this house in 1887-88 lived great Russian explorer and scientist Nikolai Nikolaevich Mikluho-Maklai.

Let me also add, that Ive laid out three new albums (the completion of Thailand series) and the third part of the manhole covers of Saint-Petersburg. As a reminder, photos unrelated to the Wondering Camera project can be found at http://cr.livejournal.com.


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