Wandering Camera

Album 374
(Translated by Grif)


Intersection of Griboedov Canal and Kryukov Canal near Nikolsky Square.


Krasnogvardeisky (Red Guards) Bridge.

Nikolsky Cathedral is visible in the background.

Kryukov Canal and Cathedral's bell tower
Griboedov Canal and the embankment.
The corner building on the left shot is Canine Museum.
On the background you can see Pikalov Bridge and residential building from 1960s with some stores in the ground floor.
Ramp to the water is slightly covered with moss.

Griboedov Canal embankment. It goes along Sadovaya Street (which is on the left from us).

I would say Griboedov Canal is interesting by being so twisty. When you walk along it, you simply don't notice that your path is much longer than if you did short-cuts by various streets. But then your way is certainly more scenic.

Golden Autumn.

Sadly enough, I didn't find any information about the building above.

But one of my readers said it belonged in the past to Bicycle Department of Lesgaft Sport's Institute.

I will attach to this album few photos of everyday life in Moskovsky District.

Babushka sells white birch branches to those who attend "banya" (Russian steam baths), and she sells not on a busy market, but on this almost deserted street.

Languishing "kopeika" (from Russian word for 0.01 of rouble, informal name for "Zhiguli-01" model of Lada brand automobile, made in 70s).



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