Wandering Camera

Album 372
(Translated by Grif)


Let's walk along the Pod'ezdnoy (Drive-up) Alley. In some sense this album is a continuation of album #364 (Young Spectator's Theater, which is nearby).


Here, at Obvodny Canal, the Pod'ezdnoy Alley ends. On the left you can see the Hippodrome Bridge.

And the point where Alley starts is Vitebsky Railway Station (subway Pushkinskaya). And we are going to go there now.

Name "Pod'ezdnoy" is known since 1887, but it haven't stayed for good. In 1913-1940 the alley was called Zverevsky.

House (#19) on the left is hotel-dormitory "Student's House".

Vitebsky Railroad runs behind those buildings.

Kind of stretched building, #18.

Erected in 1909-1911 by I.L. Balbashevsky, P.M. Miklashevski and G.V. Bartoshevich.

That was a garage and services for First Automotive Military Company (military transportation unit).

Now look back (toward Obvodny):

Neuropsychiatric ambulatory care clinic is on the far right.

Here it is on the left, with abovementioned dorms to the right.

Most of the buildings are not remarkable at all. Very dull street indeed.
I was told, though, that Pod'ezdnoy Alley has its uniqueness: it's a very rare street where almost all buildings are designed by the same architect Balbashevsky (alone or with co-authors).

Buildings #16 (right) and #14.

#16 hosted officer's apartments.

Building #14
Zoomed-in. We'll talk about this structure a little bit later.

Center of the shot is #15, I guess.

But the guidebook puts here some church with rounded windows, so I am not quite sure what is it.

Corner of #11 on the left, then #9 (low).

Once #9 hosted officers of railroad battalion. #11 was the barrack for its enlisted men.

Both buildings are dated 1906.

Somewhere here there were #7 (staff), #5 (barracks) and #3 (officers).

Altogether they belonged to the 1st Railway Battalion.

Building #13

This is end of Marat Street.

Here it dubiously looks like a boulevard.

On the corner of Marat and Pod'ezdnoy is Software Tools Research Institute.

In the same building there is a well-known in software community company "Arcadia". Howdy to all who works (or worked) in there!


#8. Former barracks.



Buildings ##4-6-10 make up the complex of Military Automotive School. Now it's occupied by Quartermaster and Legal departments of Leningrad Military District. Design by I.L. Balbashevsky.

In 1913 he created classes and service buildings, garages.

In 1915 the School was opened, and for some time even poet Mayakovsky worked here as a draftsman.

In 1918 the school was closed down.

The same building but as seen from Young Pioneer's Square. Besides other features it also included a church.



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