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The summer comes to an end. The autumn slowly begins…
Vicinities of Moskovsky avenue, around subway stations "Moskovskaya" and "Park Pobedy"


The Chesmen church. Lensoveta str, 12

The church built in 1777-1780, in memory of a victory of Russian fleet in Chesmen bay of Aegen sea in 1770 (Russian-Turkish war). Author of project is U.Felten.

Its style is pseudo-gothic.

Although it looks quite original, the church is orthodox (the building given back to church in 1991).

The Military cemetery is situauted behind the church. The soldiers, who died in times of Kutuzov's and Simonov's campaigns and also in Great Patriotic War are buried here.

The Chesmen Palace is standing not far from Chesmen Church.

There's an Institute of Aviation Instrument making inside this building. It was renamed after perestroika into Academy of Space instrument making and then into State University of Space instrument making.

The younger rates of university study here.

The second (main) building of university is situated at Moyka embankment, on the contrary of Usupov's Palace.

The palace built in 1774 and it constructed in 1774 in the form of the medieval castle. Its name was "Kikerikeksinsky" ("The Frog bog" in Finnish). I guess, nobody could utter this name plainly, so in 1780 the name was changed into "Chesmen".

The palace was " travelling" - i.e. palace for the rest of Catherine II while she traveled.

The architector of palace was also U.Felten.

In 1831 the building began being used as an almshouse for aged soldiers - the 1812 War heroes. The three wings, connected by transitions to angular towers of palace, were attached to a building. The gear parapets were removed from towers and the domes raised instead of them.

The park appeared at the same time.

"State University of Space instrument making".

When I started to take pictures, the security guard came out and tried to prevent me. But he couldn't find a reason why shouldn't I take the pictures of these buildings.

"Zenith" cinema.

Gastello street, 7

Cinema built and opened in 1962. It had a hall of 1000 seats.

In 1986 the new equipment was installed.

In 1992 the new hall was opened, of 128 seats.

The equipment was changed again in 1998.

They have put the external facade in order not long ago - the cinema looks accurately today.

The back view.

In the guidebook of 1986 the project of this cinema was called "typical", but I couldn't remember the second same building in Petersburg.

But I received a list later:
"Sputnik" at "Lomonosovskaya" subway station
"Kosmonavt" at Bronnitskaya str.
"Vesna" in Avtovo
"Yunost" at Savushkina str.
"Vyborgsky" at "Ploschad Muzhestva" subway station

All cinemas were open in 1960-1962.

But this cinema, "Zenit", has vertical strips on the walls - I think, they look quite good.

Almost Moskovsky avenue…

Hotel "Russia" on the contrary of Moskovsky Park of Victory ("Park Pobedy" subway station)

View from a park

The hotel built in 1962.
Architectors are B.Zhuravlev and P.Areshev.

Once, in one of the yards, not far from the hotel was the office of "Kaja" company - one of the first internet-providers in Petersburg. The Netscape was 2.0 at that times and Internet Explorer wasn't taken seriously at all…

Those were the days…

View from the hotel - the Chernyshevsky square and entrance to the Park of Victory.


Absolutely amazing signboard on the building (last line has some characters skipped, perhaps because of problems with font :)

The next pictures taken in Moskovsky park of Victory.

A monument to Alexander Matrosov - the Great Patriotic War hero (he closed an embrasure of german pillbox with his body)

A square near the Sports-concerts Complex (SCC)
It's necessary to grind off the rubber by something! ;)

SCC - Sports-concerts Complex.

It had a "Lenin" name before, but now it's just "Petersburg"

As I said in one of the previous albums, SCC was opened in 1980. It can contain about 25 thousands of spectators.

The football team "Zenit" became a champion of USSR right here, in 1984.

At the other side of the park (across the street from subway station "Park Pobedy" - the modern building of the Russian National Library (RNB).

Other albums about Moskovsky Park of Victory (190, 350), SKK (190) и RNB (191).



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