Wandering Camera

Album 359
(Translated by Victor Varganov)


After album 358, let us take a look at the interiors of the Blue Dacha (also know as Government residence "K-5"), which, as you already remember, is located on the Kamenny Island.


The entry way

From the vestibule we follow a corridor to the Round Hall.

Wall paintings in the Round Hall are the works of artist P. Maksimovich, who painted them in 1916.

Special windows inside the dome provide some natural light.


This ought to be called a Sitting Room or, perhaps, a Lounge.

The Grand Hall
Although I do not remember the name of this room (as it was locked at the time of my visit), I tend to like the tick glass of the inner doors. The glass reminds of the good craftsmanship typical of the time gone by.
Lets climb upstairs!
We are now on the upper level of the Round Hall. If I am allowed to say so :)
Heres a stunning view of the parquet floor downstairs.
And here we were able to get a little closer to the windows, which are part of the dome structure and which provide the natural light so precious in the northern climate
Please do not forget to notice the original (pre-central heating) stove in the farther right corner.
That should be a bedroom, I suppose
which is graced with a similar elegant stove.
From this room we could step out to the balcony and enjoy a pleasant view of the surrounding park and vicinity :)

Finally, let me warmly thank a lady, who had provided me with a rare opportunity to visit and photograph the Blue Dacha, which is usually closed to the general public.


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