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; 320x200x256 (any VGA) x-mode init { Set normal 320x200x256 mode } mov ax, 0013h int 10h { Put the CHAIN4-mode of Sequencer off } mov dx, 03C4h mov ax, 0604h out dx, ax { Clear the video memory (setting mode 13h clears only every fourth byte from each plane) } mov ax, 0F02h out dx, ax mov dx, 0A000h mov es, dx xor di, di xor ax, ax mov cx, 8000h rep stosw { Note: Parts 4 and 5 may need switching round, i.e. do part 5 first, then part 4... but it works anyway.... } { 4. Turn off the CRTC's LONG-mode } mov dx, 03D4h mov ax, 0014h out dx, ax { 5. Turn on the CRTC's BYTE-mode } mov ax, 0E317h out dx, ax

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