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program SpriteGame; {Verifies a VGA is present} {$G+,R-} (* jh Syntax: spritegame.exe [number] optional number is the total population of sprites. Default is maxsprites. *) { Original Sprites program by Bas van Gaalen, Holland, PD } { Modified by Luis Mezquita Raya } { Modified by John Howard (jh) into a game } { 30-MAY-1994 jh Version 1.0 Now a game to see which sprite survives the longest. Renamed tScrArray to Screen, and tSprArray to SpriteData. Removed CRT unit & saved around 1616 bytes. Added command line parameter. Added timer and energy definitions to provide statistics. 21-JUN-1994 jh Version 1.1 = ~7.5k Added OnlyVGA and SetMode procedures. Added CharSet & CharType definitions. Implemented characters as sprites. 29-JUN-1994 jh Version 1.2 = ~8.5k due to command line help Places identification on each sprite by using HexDigits. CharColor defaults to sprite number (0..maxsprites) as a color index in the palette. Fixed bug in moire background screen limits. } const maxsprites=128; { Number of sprites is [1..128] } pxsize=320; { screen x-size } pysize=200; { screen y-size } xsize=32; { sprite x-size } ysize=32; { sprite y-size } CharRows=8; { Characters are 8 rows high } HexDigits : ARRAY[0..15] OF Char = '0123456789ABCDEF'; type Screen=array[0..pysize-1, 0..pxsize-1] of byte; pScreen=^Screen; SpriteData=array[0..ysize-1, 0..xsize-1] of byte; pSpriteData=^SpriteData; SprRec=record x,y : word; {Absolute location of sprite} xspd,yspd : shortint; {Velocity horizontal and vertical} energy : shortint; {Hide is neg., dead is 0, show is pos.} buf : pSpriteData; {Rectangle of sprite definition} end; CharType = array[1..CharRows] of Byte; var CharSet : array[0..255] of CharType absolute $F000:$FA6E; sprite : array[1..maxsprites] of SprRec; vidscr,virscr,bgscr : pScreen; {video, virtual, background screens} dead : byte; {Counts the dead sprites} survivor : byte; {Identify the last dead sprite} Population : word; {Population from 1..128} {CharColor : byte;} {Character digit color 0..255} Timer : longint; {Stopwatch} H, M, S, S100 : Word; Startclock, Stopclock : Real; mins, secs : integer; Code: integer; {temporary result of VAL conversion} procedure GetTime(var Hr, Mn, Sec, S100 : word); assembler; {Avoids DOS unit} asm mov ah,2ch int 21h xor ah,ah {fast register clearing instead of MOV AH,0} mov al,dl les di,S100 stosw mov al,dh les di,Sec stosw mov al,cl les di,Mn stosw mov al,ch les di,Hr stosw end; procedure StartTimer; begin GetTime(H, M, S, S100); StartClock := (H * 3600) + (M * 60) + S + (S100 / 100); end; procedure StopTimer; begin GetTime(H, M, S, S100); StopClock := (H * 3600) + (M * 60) + S + (S100 / 100); Timer := trunc(StopClock - StartClock); secs := Timer mod 60; {Seconds remaining} mins := Timer div 60; {Reduce into minutes} end; function KeyPressed : boolean; assembler; {Avoids unit CRT.KeyPressed} asm mov ah,01h; int 16h; jnz @0; xor ax,ax; jmp @1; @0: mov al,1 @1: end; procedure SetMode(M:byte); assembler; asm mov ah,0; mov al,M; int 10h; end; procedure SetPal(col,r,g,b:byte); assembler; {256 color palette} asm mov dx,03c8h mov al,col {color} out dx,al inc dx mov al,r {red component} out dx,al mov al,g {green component} out dx,al mov al,b {blue component} out dx,al end; procedure flip(srcscr, destscr : pScreen); assembler; {copy screen} asm push ds lds si,srcscr les di,destscr mov cx,pxsize*pysize/2 rep movsw pop ds end; procedure cls(scr : pScreen); assembler; {clear screen} asm les di,scr; xor ax,ax; mov cx,pxsize*pysize/2; rep stosw end; procedure retrace; assembler; asm mov dx,03dah @vert1: in al,dx test al,8 jnz @vert1 @vert2: in al,dx test al,8 jz @vert2 end; procedure PutSprite(var sprite: SprRec; virseg: pScreen); assembler; asm push ds lds si,sprite { get sprite segment } les di,virseg { get virtual screen segment } mov ax,SprRec[ds:si].y shl ax,6 mov di,ax shl ax,2 add di,ax { y*pxsize } add di,SprRec[ds:si].x { y*pxsize+x } mov dx,pxsize-xsize { number of pixels left on line } lds si,SprRec[ds:si].buf mov bx,ysize @l1: mov cx,xsize @l0: lodsb or al,al jz @skip { check if transparent "Black" } mov es:[di],al { draw it } @skip: inc di dec cx jnz @l0 add di,dx dec bx jnz @l1 pop ds end; procedure OnlyVGA; assembler; asm @CheckForVga: {push es} mov AH,1ah {Get Display Combination Code} mov AL,00h {AX := $1A00;} int 10h {Intr($10, Regs);} cmp AL,1ah {IsVGA:= (AL=$1A) AND((BL=7) OR(BL=8))} jne @NoVGA cmp BL,07h {VGA w/ monochrome analog display} je @VgaPresent cmp BL,08h {VGA w/ color analog display} je @VgaPresent @NoVGA: mov ax,3 {text mode} int 10h push cs pop ds lea dx,@message mov ah,9 int 21h {print $ terminated string} mov ax,4c00h int 21h {terminate} @message: db 'Sorry, but you need a VGA to see this!',10,13,24h @VgaPresent: {pop es} {... After here is where your VGA code can execute} end; {OnlyVGA} VAR n : byte; {sprite number} hx,hy,i,j,k,np : integer; BEGIN {PROGRAM} {Get text from command line and convert into a number} Val(ParamStr(1), Population, Code); if (Code <> 0) {writeln('Bad number at position: ', Code);} OR (Population <1) OR (Population > maxsprites) then Population := maxsprites; {default} if ParamStr(1) = '?' then begin writeln('Howard International, P.O. Box 34633, NKC, MO 64116 USA'); writeln('1994 Freeware Sprite Game v1.2'); writeln('Syntax: spritegame.exe [number]'); writeln(' optional number is the total population of sprites (1 to 128)'); halt; end; {CharColor := Population;} OnlyVGA; SetMode($13); {320x200x256x1 plane} Randomize; vidscr := Ptr($A000,0); New(virscr); cls(virscr); New(bgscr); cls(bgscr); np := 128 div Population; for i := 0 to Population-1 do begin {Define moire background pattern} case i mod 6 of 0:begin hx := 23; hy := i*np; n := 0; end; 1:begin hx := i*np; hy := 23; n := 0; end; 2:begin hx := i*np; hy := 0; n := 23; end; 3:begin hx := 23; hy := 0; n := i*np; end; 4:begin hx := 0; hy := 23; n := i*np; end; 5:begin hx:= 0; hy:= i*np; n := 23; end; end; for j := 0 to np-1 do begin k := j shr 1; SetPal(np*i+j+1, k+hx, k+hy, k+n); end; end; for i := 1 to 127 do SetPal(127+i, i div 3, 20+i div 5, 20+i div 7); for i := 0 to pxsize-1 do {jh bug! Reduce to legal screen limits} for j := 0 to pysize-1 do bgscr^[j,i] := 128+ ABS(i*i - j*j) and 127; (* flip(bgscr, vidscr); {copy background to video} {SetPal(?,r,g,b)} {force a visible text palette entry} writeln('Sprite Game v1.2 '); {modify video} flip(vidscr, bgscr); {copy video to background} *) hx := xsize shr 1; hy := ysize shr 1; for n := 1 to Population do begin with sprite[n] do begin x := 20+ random(280 - xsize); y := 20+ random(160 - ysize); xspd := random(6) - 3; yspd := random(6) - 3; energy := random(10); {punishes liberals} if xspd=0 then begin xspd := 1; energy := random(20); {average life expectancy} end; if yspd=0 then begin yspd := 1; energy := random(40); {rewards conservatives} end; New(buf); for i := 0 to xsize-1 do for j := 0 to ysize-1 do begin k := (i-hx) * (i-hx) + (j-hy) * (j-hy); if (k< hx*hx) and (k> hx*hx div 16) then buf^[j,i] := k mod np + np * (n-1) else buf^[j,i] := 0; {CRT color "Black" is transparent} end; end; {with} end; {for} {jh Can store your own bitmap image in any sprite[n].buf^[j,i] such as: } for i := 0 to xsize-1 do for j := 0 to ysize-1 do begin sprite[1].buf^[j,i] := j; {first sprite. Horizontal bars} sprite[Population].buf^[j,i] := i; {last sprite. Vertical bars} end; {jh Get characters from default font and attach to sprites} for i := 1 to CharRows do for j := 1 to CharRows do begin for n := 1 to Population do begin {first hex digit for current sprite} if (CharSet[ord(HexDigits[n SHR 4]),i] shr (8-j) and 1 = 1) then sprite[n].buf^[i,j] := n {CharColor} else sprite[n].buf^[i,j] := 0; {transparent} {second hex digit for current sprite} if (CharSet[ord(HexDigits[n AND $F]),i] shr (8-j) and 1 =1) then sprite[n].buf^[i,j+CharRows] := n {CharColor} else sprite[n].buf^[i,j+CharRows] := 0; {transparent} end; (* {mark last sprite 'Z'} sprite[Population].buf^[i,j] := CharSet[ord('Z'),i] shr (8-j) and 1; *) end; {jh Keep track of the last dead sprite and how old it was. } StartTimer; while not (KeyPressed or (dead=Population)) do begin flip(bgscr, virscr); retrace; dead := 0; {reset the sentinel} for n := 1 to Population do with sprite[n] do begin if energy > 0 then PutSprite(sprite[n], virscr) {show(n)} { else if energy < 0 then hide(n) } else inc(dead); inc(x,xspd); if (x<10) or (x > (310 - xsize)) then begin xspd := -xspd; energy := energy - 1; end; inc(y,yspd); if (y<10) or (y > (190 - ysize)) then begin yspd := -yspd; energy := energy - 1; end; end; {with} flip(virscr, vidscr); end; {while} StopTimer; survivor := 0; for n := 1 to Population do begin {find last dead sprite with zero energy} if sprite[n].energy = 0 then survivor := n; Dispose(sprite[n].buf); end; Dispose(virscr); Dispose(bgscr); SetMode($3); {resume text video mode 3h= 80x25x16 color} writeln('Last dead sprite was # ', survivor, ' of ', Population); writeln('Time of death was ', trunc(StopClock)); writeln('Life span was ', mins:2, ' Minute and ', secs:2, ' Seconds'); END. {PROGRAM}
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- [99] Talks about assembler (2:5030/84) --------------------------- TALKS.ASM - Msg : 25 of 26 From : Serguey Zefirov 2:5020/509.601 13 Mar 96 13:46:00 To : Sergey Arsentiev Subj : Спpайт -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zdorovenki bulji,(Hi! in other words) Sergey! SA> Люди! Подскажите наиболее быстpо pаботающую пpогpаммку вывода спpайта SA> на VGA. Вот что я сделал, но, чуствую здесь есть ошибки, а уж пpо SA> стиль написания я вообще не говоpю... Плоховато в асме сообpажаю :( SA> === Cut === SA> Procedure PutSprite(x, y : Word; Var Sprite); SA> End; SA> === Cut === {$ G+} procedure PutSprite(x,y:word; var Sprite);assembler; asm lds si,[Sprite] lodsw mov cx,ax lodsw mov bx,ax imul di,[y],320 add di,[x] mov ax,0a000h mov es,ax mov dx,320 sub dx,cx mov ax,cx shr ax,1 jc @@mainloopodd @@mainloopeven: mov cx,ax rep movsw add di,dx dec bx jnz @@mainloopeven jmp @@common @@mainloopodd: mov cx,ax rep movsw add di,dx dec bx jnz @@mainloopodd @@common: end; {Втоpой ваpиант может содеpжать REP MOVSD, тогда где-то пpидется хpанить младшие тpи бита. Hо и мой ваpиант неплох.} Buy! Сеpега. [Team sz * -k]

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