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- Usenet echoes (21:200/1) ----------------------------- COMP.SYS.IBM.PC.DEMOS - Msg : 297 of 326 From : 2:5030/144.99 30 May 94 18:41:14 To : All 10 Jun 94 23:03:06 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phelan Liam James ( wrote: : I was thinking of writing this game in which you have parrallex scrolling : at the bottom of the screen. I was wondering if anyone else had done this. : As I have never seen any game or anything that has done it, and I was : thinking that if I use protected mode, I should be able to do it with, : little slow down. As I would need protected mode to store that graphics. : offset = X_postion * rate : would give you the postion, in which you could use a look up table to : reduced the floating point stuff. The point is that, giving different : rates for different line (The rate gets smaller as you go into the screen) : this shoudl give the effect that the screen is moving in parallax. Well, this has been done on the demo SHOW by Majik 12 in their sectino called "Not only Amiga makes it possible". The one problem is what if you have an object(#1) on the same horz. line as object #2, but #1 is closer to the viewer, so it should move faster. Then what? It seems like your eq. would have every thing on one line moving at the same speed. Parallex can be accomplished by using an algorithm that shrinks objects based upon their depth. Such an eq would be like: New_X = Old_X * dis_Z / DEPTH, where depth is some constant. So the further back, the smaller. As you move sideways, the eq. will take care of parallex. Michael Ko

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