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- Usenet echoes (21:200/1) ----------------------------- COMP.SYS.IBM.PC.DEMOS - Msg : 147 of 167 From : 2:5030/144.99 08 Aug 94 18:25:02 To : All 12 Aug 94 04:31:38 Subj : Interference patterns! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aloha GREG! [ GREG HJELSTROM Wrote To All ] GH> What I am thinking of is a 2-dimensional lookup table which, for GH> each pair of x and y offsets, gives the distance or a GH> precalculated "band color". To draw the pattern, you just loop GH> through the pixels, looking up the band color according to each GH> pixel's distance from the center of the patterns.| Then you could GH> perturb the x and y offsets with a sine table to warp GH> the pattern... GH> I'm just wondering about other approaches that might work better. The most-logical approach (as I did it) is draw a pattern on a 1-bitplane 512x512 screen (which is 32Kb). Then you copy this pattern to 8 different patterns which all are shifted one bit to the left/right (this is done so you don't have to shift while moving stuff to the VGA card). Then, put the machine into a planar mode and dump one pattern to plane 0, one to plane 1 and off you go! Just use some indexing here and there to get the right offsets. I coded the effect into a COM file of around 600 Bytes so it can be VERY VERY small.. Michiel.. InterNet:

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