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>I'm interested in creating multiple frame of film grain that would be >convolved with existing images. It would consist of lightly colored >grains and bits of dirt. Anyone have suggestions for an approach? Just my 2c worth... I presume you want to make the images look "old". There are two sets of things you need to consider - the properties inherent in the original film and those induced by the passage of time. Inherent film properties are: - Grain, which could be approximated using a low-contrast noise function. - Processing flaws, such as bubbles. Place the occasional light or dark circle on the frame. - Exposure problems, such as edge fogging or inconsistent exposure. These usually change fairly slowly, and are relatively easily modelled using brightness/contrast adjustments either near the edges or over the whole frame. Aging involves: - Buildup of dust, hair, etc. Sprinkle a few dark specks and curvilinear features over each frame. - Scratches. These are usually due to contact with the projector mechanism and are thus mostly in the direction of film travel (usually vertical). They are not usually continuous, but typically persist over several tens of frames. - Severe heat damage, such as burn-through. This usually affects the darker areas first since they absorb more heat. - Loss of contrast due to pigment fading. Simply reduce the contrast and increase the brightness. Similar to inconsistent exposure problems. Sean

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